About Me
Dmitry Yesilevsky BSc, FDN-P, HLC, NASM CPT

I am a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (FDN-P) through the Institute of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, and a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach® (HLC) through the Chek Institute.

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM), with 19 years of experience and over 10,000 personal training sessions serviced. In addition to the standard CPT certification, I am also certified as a Sports Fitness Specialist (SFS), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), all through NASM.

I constantly strive to update my skills through seminars and various programs of study.  Some additional areas of training I have completed include:

– Institute of Functional Medicine: A Systems Approach to Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Disease

– Kresser Institute ADAPT SIBO: AN Evidence-Based, Functional Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

– GPL Academy Organic Acids Testing Workshop

– Quicksilver Labs Mercury Testing Advanced Course

– Blood Chemistry Analysis from a Functional Perspective, Dr. Dicken Weatherby

– Microbiome Masterclass

– Dysbiosis & Inflammation: Connecting the Dots with Cytokine Profiling

My Story

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to the U.S. when I was just 2 years old. Growing up in New York, I excelled in track and field, wrestling, and football. It was my love of the outdoors, that brought me to Colorado to pursue a Bachelors of Kinesiology, at CU Boulder. In the 18 years that I have been involved in the fitness and health industries, I have been a Master Trainer and manager for a large, international fitness company, giving me the opportunity to help educate clients as well as mentor and train other personal trainers. My clients have included everyone from weekend warriors, CEO’s, grandmothers, professional skiers and snowboarders, United States congressmen, college students, and anyone who has the desire to reach for their next fitness goal. 

I believe that establishing a strong and friendly rapport with clients based on mutual trust essential. I take an all-encompassing approach to fitness and health which is not based on fads or flavor of the month exercise trends, but rather on tailor-made programs to suit the specific person. I inject fun and variety into your exercise program but with a view to achieving tangible and long-lasting results. 

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I focus on helping clients increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of their dreams by addressing the underlying causes of disease and stress, by considering the body as a “system of systems” and providing guidance on how it can heal itself given the proper environment.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado and enjoy all of the wonderful things the outdoors here offer including hiking with my wife and dog, snowboarding, stand up paddleboarding, cycling, mountain biking, and trail running.  I also enjoy challenging myself with fun, new workouts in the gym and outdoors.

When I’m not in Colorado you’ll find me traveling the world and explore new destinations, culture, experiences, and food!